This is the dining room in Sanpete Country, Utah.

You may have thought of living in luxurious homes that cost millions, but never in your worst nightmare would you have imagined staying in the houses shown below!
You were probably told when you were young as to what was to be done in case a natural disaster struck your area. But did anyone ever tell you what to do if a bomb was to strike your base? :)
Good magazine, recently featured an article on bomb shelter homes

Entrance to the ‘safe world.’

These homes are situated in various parts of the world and are considered to be ‘bomb-proof!’ Some of these shelters are stocked with essential supplies that could feed families for months while the others accommodate operating rooms, jails and conjugal rooms.
Facing chemical, biological and nuclear weaponry, these houses are made to survive most attacks. They are all underground and have complex air-filtration systems to support life.

 A snapshot of the living room. Charlie Hull Shelter.

This is a part of the Charlie Hull Shelter. Members of the family were allowed to choose their space inside and decorate it as per their liking.

This was a 90 family ‘co-op shelter’ and was reserved for the members of the Elizabeth Clare Prophet Church. According to them, Doomsday was scheduled on March 15, 1990.


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